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I met Kuki in the summer of 2014 in Sara D. Roosevelt Park, New York City. I had seen him play basketball there before but we had never spoken.
I would always see him with an orange cart piled high with various items so wasn't sure of his situation.
It was only after our first conversation when I told him I'd like to make a film about him, that he eventually told me he was homeless and had been for the past 10 years.

I spent the next couple of months following Kuki around, getting to know him.
We would arrange specific days and times in which we would meet, as there was no other way to contact one another.
We would always plan a 'back up day' incase either of us couldn't make it.

One day Kuki didn't turn up and despite my best efforts to find him, I couldn't.
It was a whole year until I finally bumped into him again and began editing this film.